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Meet Master Sergeant

Davey Lind, USMC (Ret.)

Originally from North Wester, PA, Master Sergeant Davey attended the Marine Combat Training and School of Infantry at Camp Geiger, attaining the initial MOS of 0311, and was then assigned to I Co 3/7 stationed at Twenty-Nine Palms, CA., acting as the platoon RTO. In August 2004, Gunnery Sergeant Lind reported for duty with 1st  Reconnaissance Battalion, fulfilling duties as Platoon Sergeant and making his second deployment to Iraq.

June 14th, 2007, while on his third deployment to Iraq, Gunnery Sergeant Lind’s vehicle struck and activated a Pressure Plate IED. The blast from the device amputated his legs from the knee down. Making a fast recovery, Gunnery Sergeant Lind continued to surpass expectations by taking his first steps two months to the date of his injuries. Promoted to his final rank, Master Sergeant Lind continued his road to recovery while filling duties as Operations Chief, Company A, 1st  Reconnaissance Battalion.


What has the Semper Fi & America's Fund and Team Semper Fi done to help your recovery?

Semper Fi & America's Fund helped my family with several grants over the years as I adjusted to my recovery, my injuries, and retired life. The impact of these various grants allowed me to return to a normal way of life with my family sooner and, also allowed me to focus on my recovery and physical rehab without the added stress of paying bills. These grants, the assistance, and the attention from the Semper Fi & America's Fund helped establish a strong foundation that allowed me to go on to continued success.


Team Semper Fi has been amazing. They have had me out to golf and allowed me the opportunity to travel and pursue my favorite pastime hobby.

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